Physio One's mission is to ensure that you reduce the risk of re-injury and are empowered with the tools you need to be physically active, and achieve performance in the areas that matter to you. A hybrid between traditional physical therapy, performance, and recovery we provide a three-tiered approach to get you back to doing what you love. With an emphasis on education and physical competency, we cater to athletes of all backgrounds - from beginners and youth to professional athletes and weekend warriors alike.



We firmly believe that OUR ability to perform, is essential for all areas of our lives. Whether you are an athlete, weekend warrior, triathlete, runner, CrossFitter, swimmer, snowboarder, skier, or anything in between, our ability to perform affects more than just our physical health, but our mental and social well-being as well. In our mutual goal of improving your health and performance, it is through education that we are able to empower you to take control of the process. At Physio One, it is our goal to provide you with education and solutions that give you the opportunity to get back to doing what you love.

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